LASA – Artistic Laboratory of San Agustín: Contextual Art in the Public Space

The uniqueness of LASA lies in the integration of the entire San Agustín context in its actions; for example, the economy, the educational system, the environment. LASA involves the neighbors as part of the context and assimilates them as local, participative public.
LASA was created as artistic work and has developed as such.

The laboratory is an artistic work of the creator Candelario developed with Aurélie Sampeur, that operates as a cultural structure. It has been acknowledged and assumed by official resolution of the Municipal Assembly of La Lisa. Its launching took place in July 2008, and now, as a continuation, preparations are being made for its participation in the Tenth Havana Biennial with the PUBLIC ATTEMPTS # 2 y 3: Ear and Sight..

LASA is an open work with a creator but without an owner. It operates as an independent tool for artists of all disciplines from all Cuban provinces and from other countries. It was created in response to the need of contemporary artistic practices in the public space. It offers a framework for artistic experiments and cultural confrontations in a peripheral neighborhood of Havana. LASA allows artists to test their ideas in the San Agustín context with support and accompaniment in the development of their creations. It thus participates in the evolution of the artistic practice in the public domain and the artist enriches the investigation on the identity of this neighborhood with the purpose of stimulating its cultural life.

PUBLIC ATTEMPTS # 2 and 3: Ear and Sight
The Tenth Havana Biennial at LASA – Artistic Laboratory of San Agustín

The Tenth Havana Biennial will have its second inauguration on Monday, March 30, at 4:30 p.m. in LASA –artistic laboratory of San Agustín, an artistic work operating as cultural structure of creator Candelario.
50 artists from Cuba, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Venezuela, Colombia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Japan and Mexico will be residents in LASA and from March 30 through April 24, 2009 will carry out contextual art actions in the public space. In addition, videos on contemporary art will be projected every Thursday and Friday in several places in San Agustín (municipality of La Lisa), in Havana. The artistic group “Nuevos Ricos” from Mexico will also give a concert at the Vereda on Friday, April 3.
The public from Habana Vieja, Centro Habana and Vedado may profit from a P5 omnibus specially procured by LASA, to facilitate their participation in these events on Monday, March 30 and every Friday during the Biennial.